Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 23rd Edition

Hi friends! I am having a hard time believing that it has already been a week since my last tender mercy post! It's incredible to me how quickly time is passing me by.

I feel like my life has been so blessed and back when I started this meme my tender mercies were big and frequent. Granted, I needed that in my life at that time. Lately I feel like the tender mercies in my life, while present, are smaller and fewer in number and I have to look harder for them. This isn't a bad thing, if anything it makes me more grateful for the times when I am blessed by some tender mercy. Today i think the one that I've noticed the most in the past week is that of really good friends. I have made lots of new friends in my ward and I have people to do things with and people to hang out with on a regular basis and this makes me so happy. I feel very blessed that I've been able to so easily rediscover who I am inside and who I want to be when I'm with others. Not everyone gets the chance I do to find one's self so easily. I really am blessed.

in other news...I have some crazy updates and countdowns for you. Look for that lovely post coming tomorrow...and in the meantime, keep smiling. I know I am!  :-)

p.s. isn't this door AWESOME? I totally want a green door!!