Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesday - 23rd Edition

Here we are friends. Another Tuesday.

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I had thoughts to make a post, but I just wasn't feeling it. Today I am grateful for the prompting I had to get myself out of my house and to my ward's FHE activity. I had a lot of other things I could have done last night - things for the show and the wedding that really have to get done very soon, but I put them aside and went to the Monte L. Bean Museum with my ward. It was great fun!! I made new friends and just had a blast. I have new friends and people to hang out with and this makes me really excited. Not that I have time to hang out right now, my life is so super busy!!! However, I'm excited to be getting to know people in the ward and what not. Makes my heart happy.

I'm not so happy that it is raining again - we had what feels like just a brief moment of sunshine. One moment in which I got VERY sunburned. I'm still in pain and it is no fun at all. I believe we're supposed to turn sunny again tomorrow but with more rain destined to arrive this weekend. I keep wondering if we'll ever see the sun for more than a few days at a time!!! sigh. Hope your week is peachy!