Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Friday

It's finally Friday my friends! I honestly thought today would never come. I feel like this week was one of the longest weeks EVER! However, the weekend is just moments away and it's a 3-day weekend at that! huzzah!!

I am hoping that today is less crazy than yesterday (it was a crazy mess here yesterday!) since it IS a holiday weekend, I'm hoping people have taken off early. :-)

Speaking of taking off early, I get to do that today! Mostly because I get to go and do Sister B's hair for her bridals today. :o) I can't believe she is getting married in less than 3 weeks. That's a little crazy to think about.

In other news I have a new "interest" in my life. We've been chatting for a couple of weeks and he finally got the gumption to ask to meet in "real life." He's really nice and I think we got along (as much as one can tell via emails) really well. He's cute and asked for my number so that he can call and ask me out properly. I think that's a good a sign! He called me last night, but I was at the gym. I called him back, but  right now we're in a game of phone tag. I'll keep you posted. This boy doesn't have a 'nym yet, but I will get you one when I decide to blog more about him.

Speaking of the gym, I finally got my butt in gear and got myself back there after being MIA for more than 2 weeks. Sigh. I pushed myself and walked/ran for 30 minutes which ended up equaling 2.6 miles. go me! It felt good and I'm nice and sore today. woo hoo!

Finally, I saw this from a blog I stalk  this morning and I've decided that it is going to be my answer to every person that asks me why I am not married yet while at my younger sister's wedding. :o)

I can just change the "you're" with "someone" and it works perfectly! ha! Have a lovely 3-day weekend my lovelies. muah!