Friday, August 17, 2007

the end!!!

summer term has finally ended. everything is done. it's all wrapped up. i just have to make one stop by my professor's office later today/tomorrow morning, and then everything really will be finished!! it's a great feeling to be done. :) i'm a fan. i apologize that i haven't blogged in a week...but with finals and just wasn't meant to be. however, it does mean that i have a wicked store of stories to tell all y'all that i don't even know where to begin! let's see if i can do my stories justice...let me just get comfortable......ah yes. here we go...

so one back story: on july 31st i went classic skating. a cute boy: aka sunday school president (ss prez) asked me to do the couple skate with him. it was fun. he's cute.

okay. so this past weekend i finished all my dance history project stuff early saturday afternoon hanging out with my FHE bros (include fhe bro #1 the fhe bro i have a crush on) after my show (which he came to) we went to an outdoor store he needed to go to and then back to his apartment where we watched "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" which is a hilarious movie. THEN we went to wally world to do some shopping, and after that we went out to mona with FHE bro #2 and BD a girl in the ward and watched the meteor shower. It was sweet. I went to bed at 4:30 am. ha ha ha!

Sunday (okay this is where it gets good), minus the part that i was late to church b/c of my roommate, but other than that it was a good day. so we walk in late and i end up sitting next to ss prez. he whacks my leg and says, "hey, how are you?" I respond, and then its back to the church meetings. :) after sacrament meeting he asks me which ss class i'm going to, and i tell him the upstairs one, and then he asks, "will you save me a seat?" of course i said yes! so then i save him a seat, and he brings his stuff in, and says he has to run an errand, and he'll be back. except he never came back!!! ugh!! so when he finally gets back, after the closing prayer, he tells me that he had an appointment with the bishop, and thus why he didn't make it to ss. so then he walks me down to relief society and asks me if i'll be going to ward prayer, and i say yes. then after church he ended up giving me a ride home. i made dinner with fhe bro #1 and then JW helped me with my narration for dance history. spent a lot of time at fhe bros' house. loved it. went to ward prayer. saw ss prez sitting my himself, so i go sit by him. then he asks me if i want to go on a walk, and i say yes. so we go on a very long walk. i liked it. at the end of said walk he asks me out. we're going out next weekend b/c he's in cali this weekend.

so then finals went splendidly, i'm so going to pass my accounting class, i'm stoked.

then tonight it rained. hard. for like an hour. OF COURSE i danced in it, how could i not? well mr. ss prez drove by and i tried to convince him to come out, but he had to pack for his trip, but then he did stop by later for a few minutes and we got to talk a bit. he thought i was crazy, but he liked it, i know he did.

anyways, i'm sure i'm forgetting something, but i'm in a good mood and i'm going to go and watch bourne identity. wahoo!!! :D