Wednesday, August 22, 2007

stupidity, dates, and miracles all in one fun-filled night...

There are a thousand thoughts running through my head. So many thoughts and things to blog about, that I don’t even KNOW where to start!!! Everything that I’m about to tell you happened yesterday. All of it. I’m not even lying. So here we go:

Work was fairly engaging, and the devotional by Elder Richard G. Scott was amazing. I got home excited to heat up some leftovers and enjoy some chill time on my couch in the living room. Well, I stick my dinner in the microwave and then I decide to get the mail out of the mailbox. Something simple no? wrong! I ended up locking myself! How might you ask? Well….I don’t really know. Our front door has a screen door, and somehow I ended up locking it. I pulled it, jerked it, kicked it…you name it I pretty much did everything except break the glass. Well at that very moment two very nice boys from my ward walked by and saw me trying to do who knows what to my door…and they came to help. Just in case you’re wondering, a credit card will not work to open your screen door…however, since the screen door has the hinges on the outside (unusual….) they took the pins out rather easily and after another ten minutes of pulling and prying, we were able to get me into my lovely home. Whew. I thought it a fun adventure and figured it would be all the adventure I would have. Boy was I wrong.

As I sat on my couch watching The Sting (good movie by the way), my phone rang! It was SS Prez confirming for the weekend. We set up plans for Saturday night at 6pm. I am ecstatic. J While I’m on the phone with SS Prez, JB (a boy I met at a party a long time ago, went country dancing with him on Saturday, we’re friends) calls me to invite me to a BBQ thing at his place…that’s tonight. I’m excited. :D THEN the miracle happens.

I’m still enjoying my movie when BT (my FHE brother) calls me and asks, “Hey Alishka, I have a weird question for you.”
“Okay,” I said, “Shoot.”
“Do you know where your ballerina shoes are?”
“Um, I think I do,” I say as I get up off the couch to come and check out my bedroom.
“What kind of bag are they in?”
“A blue mesh one…”
“Is there a tennis ball and knee brace looking thing in with them?”
“Actually it’s my theraband, but yes, BT why do you have my dance shoe bag?
“Well…funny story. They’re in a storage shed in Orem.”

So yeah….my roommate AF helped this girl move her stuff into a storage shed on Saturday, and I guess when they dropped me off after my ballet class I left them in her van and they put them in the storage shed. Accidentally of course. Well this girl whose storage shed this was, needed to find her camera and asked BT to help her. And they miraculously found my shoes, and I didn’t even know they were missing. Can you imagine me going to take class later this week, or even going to get ready for auditions on Monday and not having my shoes?? I’m not going to lie, I would have been a wreck! I have been thinking about the possibility of not auditioning this year and getting other classes done instead, and it would have been really easy for me to say I’m not auditioning if I didn’t have my shoes. I guess Heavenly Father wants me to audition for some reason. Who knows why, but I will not miss that audition for anything in the world at this point in time. Crazy yes? It was truly an entertaining night for me. :D

And now I need to get cute for a BBQ…. He he