Friday, August 10, 2007

i wonder...

do stress balls really do anything? because if they do, then i need one really bad. My life is super stressful right now. school is ending and i have all of my projects to finish off. yikes!! work is starting to pick up, which is nice because that means it's busy, but at the same time it makes things stressful.

in other news: the missionary from iowa is home. we've emailed a little bit. broken the ice a bit i think. we'll definitely stay friends. i don't know what will happen. i think i'll have to wait to see him before i'll know anything, and even then it will take some time. but that's okay. i can take all the time in the world. :D

tonight's show went really well. my family and roommate and some friends came. my roommate got me flowers and a book, it was really cute. it was a fun show and i enjoyed having the opportunity to work with mentally disabled people. they have always scared me, and now, not so much. in fact, those girls are some of my new best friends. :D

and now i must be off to get some sleep so i can get everything done tomorrow that i need to get done. :S