Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this too shall pass

so after a horrible day last week and a scripture popping out and making SO much sense to me I was starting to feel better about myself. today's horoscope shed some light:
If your confidence has taken a beating lately,(how did you know??) today's energy will go far in turning this around, Alishka. Even if you feel like you've made too many mistakes, it's time to forgive yourself and to move forward. If you feel like you're a failure, this actually has a chance of becoming a reality. By allowing yourself to err and to keep on trying, there's no room for such self-fulfilled prophecies to come true. Believe in yourself and keep going. Resist drowning in self-pity.

So then I got a direct email from "my" missionary, which was exactly what i needed to hear, even if it was only 3 sentences. sigh. I can't believe how well he knows me. :) anywho...i'm doing much better than i was last week, that's for sure, and today has contributed so much to that. :D


Anonymous said...

Is this the missionary that came home in February, or July, or from the mid-west? Or is there another?

alishka babushka said...

he comes home this weekend. and he's in the mid-west. and now i'm curious obviously know who i am...but who are you?

jacob said...

Actually, I've found that you tend to write about various missionaries often. Yeah, I know who you are, but it is not like we've talked recently.

alishka babushka said...

ah jacob...yes i know you as well. and its a true story that we haven't talked just posted anonymously earlier. and i do write about missionaries, but this one is definitely the favorite, and if i'm not mistaken he comes home to where you are these days. are you in oregon still?