Friday, July 27, 2007

tomorrow will bring....

Your Horoscope for JULY 28, 2007

Your sensual, sentimental, and romantic nature is likely to be stirred, Alishka. You smell romance in the air and you long for someone to sit and hold you tight while you watch the sunset. Take long walks whenever you can and collect little things that catch your eye. When you are in love you see beauty in everything and love everywhere. Your creative juices are flowing and you have a tremendous amount of love and grace to share with the world.

too bad i don't have anyone to be romantic with. i do long for someone to sit and hold me tight...however he's not around these days, in fact, i'm not sure i even 'know' who he is. i have my hunches...but that holding tight business is going to take time. dang. too bad that this horoscope is hokey. sigh. i really want it to come true. :P



It will some day, Alishka, it will.