Sunday, July 22, 2007

a Harry Potter-ific weekend

*I solemnly swear that there are no spoilers in this post* i had a great weekend. Well...maybe i should start with thursday night. thursday night i went and played volleyball with some friends. my summer fling was there, and he was quite stand-offish towards me, which i couldn't understand because he's the one who burned me, and i should be the one acting all weird and such...but oh well. i ignored it. i did get injured playing volleyball, some guy accidentally stepped on my foot when we both jumped up to the ball. sigh. it hurt real bad.

so friday, with a bruised foot that didn't want to point, i went to ballet was okay. but my foot hurt. a lot. then i went on my date with my work boyfriend. he and i went to d.i. to get stuff for 80's outfits, and i bought this ridiculous belt and some sweet silver flats with sequins on them. they are really cool. then we went to dinner at magleby's fresh. SO good!!! we followed dinner up with going to see harry potter #5 (my second time, his first) which was amazing. Then we went to the bookstore and picked up harry potter #7. i started reading that night.

Saturday i went to a baptism for a guy i know, which was super cool. i haven't been to a baptism since my littlest sister's and it was way cool! which at said baptism my summer fling actually was cordial back to me and sat next to me. i was much impressed. and i feel better about the whole situation. after the baptism i went to brick oven with a slew of peeps from the ward. one of them was BC, one of my fhe brothers that i think is pretty attractive, and really nice. it was way fun. i then went up to campus and studied for a couple of hours and got home to my house at about 4:45. the minute i walked in the door i continued to read harry potter #7. 3.75 hours later i finished it. it was amazing. i laughed, cried, rejoiced, and overall felt wonderful about the book. i do think it's her best work yet and i really enjoyed reading it. it was wonderful. :D

and that leaves us at today. today is sunday. wonderful sunday. i have church, and i'm going to wear my sweet blue glittery skirt today that will match my sweet silver flats (b/c i don't want to wear heels due to my lovely, bruised foot), and pretty much i'm going to look cute. i'm excited!!! and for now, that's all. ciao.