Saturday, July 14, 2007

thoughts on top of my head

so i was thinking that i haven't said much lately about my life. after a horrible mid-week crisis in which i almost went crazy and died, i can honestly say that i'm doing absolutely wonderful and that i LOVE life!!

it's kind of a long story, but after i didn't do so well on an accounting test on tuesday i came home to study my brains out. i was doing laundry and studying, and i get an email from off-campus housing office saying that my house is non-compliant and not byu approved (news to me) and i have a whole bunch of options of things i can do before monday or i get to pay $25....urg. it was very retarded. so i filled out a waiver, and found out last night that everything was approved and i'm good to go. thank goodness!!!

so friday night i went 5 of my really good guy friends from high school and saw harry potter #5! i loved it! then tonight i had a blind date. he was a really nice guy, and he's way fun...but i'm not sure if i'm super interested. i definitely am okay with having him as a friend, but then i don't think i really want a relationship right now anyways. i did meet a new friend last weekend who i have been communicating with recently, i think we're going to chill sometime this week. tomorrow is the homecoming for one of my best friends from high school and my work boyfriend (long story...we're not really dating...i just call him my work boyfriend. lol) and i are going to go to the harry potter release party at the bookstore on friday. wahoo. so pretty much my life rocks. the end.