Sunday, July 01, 2007

life happens!

oh my goodness. it's been way too long since i last wrote. dang. a lot has happened since that day of burning sensation in my eyes. for one, things with that boy are pretty much done. we're friends, but not much more these days, but i'm quite good with that. in fact, i love flirting with others and enjoy goofing off, although i do miss having someone to automatically hang out with on the weekends, but its all good. :)
i started classes this past monday. they are intense and there is a lot of homework involved, but i have stayed on top of my work and i'm actually ahead in my accounting class, almost by a week! hurrah for me! :) AND i have found my passion for my dance history research, so that's exciting, and i am really super excited about working on my research papers and project, it's cool stuff.
as for other news, i have spent a lot of time lately with Mighty Mouse, KW, NC, and RW from high school. also, last night when i was hanging out with the Payson Gang, Mighty Mouse's roommate: (MMR) came and he's really nice, super flirty and we flirted it up something hard core last night. it was funny. and not that i was trying to get somethign going on, but if he asked me out, i think i would be okay with that. ;) ha ha ha. i'm such a girly-girl. goodness. room is a disaster and i need to shower before church, so i'm outta here! i hope to update a little more frequently. ;)