Wednesday, August 29, 2007

bruised, battered, and happy

rehearsal was so good last night. i am going to LOVE working with the BSC director. She's amazing. I love her. and her new contemporary piece that we started working on last night is really cool. although, i already have my first couple of bruises. :S yucky bruises. oh well...they'll be good stories to tell to my boy. he thought it crazy that i already had a bruise. things with the SS Prez are good. We're not official yet, as in we're not exclusive yet, but he said that he really liked me, and he's working towards an exclusive relationship because that is what he wants next in his life. So yeah...we're honest people and I feel good about things with him. anywho. that's about all i have right now. work is starting to get busy, and I love it. :D