Sunday, June 12, 2011

the weekend before....

Guys, I might explode. I have a LOT going on next week. Granted, it's all fun stuff and I'm really excited about EVERYTHING that is gonig to happen, but there is a LOT on my plate. :o) I am trying to keep breathing and not worry about anything. I have faith that it's all going to go just swimmingly. Here's hoping!

In the mean time, I have a story for you! And guess what? It's a Dating Battle Story!!

My date with Percy was yesterday. It was the most fantastic time. He's VERY nice. Looks EXACTLY like his picture and his personality makes him all that much cuter. He was very sweet, we had WONDERFUL conversation during lunch and we just enjoyed each other. He told me that my pictures didn't do me justice and I told him he was too kind. ;) We decided that going out again is a must and he told me he'd call me next Sunday after all the craziness had happened and we'd plan something at that point. He sent me a text message a bit later telling me he loved meeting me and had so much fun that he stayed later than he should have and was late to his meeting. oops! HA! It was just great times. He also mentioned (in a text message) that I looked "incredibly beautiful." It was just a very nice thing for him to say and I've got to admit he's earned some major brownie points.