Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Musings

Guys, I didn't think it was possible but I am MORE sore today compared to yesterday. Day two of AIDA rehearsals was FABULOUS. They split us up into two groups - guys and girls. The guys went off to learn their dance and the girls stayed and learned a different dance. If you're familiar with the music - we were learning the choreography for "My Strongest Suit." This dance is saucy, flirty, and FUN. It also features more "real" dancing compared to musical dancing. There are real-live fouett├ęs en tournant in this piece! (see an amazing video HERE to see what I'm talking about!) I definitely worked REALLY hard and was uber tired by the end, but it felt oh so fabulous. I spent a lot of time last night stretching before going to bed, but I'm still sore today. Lucky for me we don't have choreography rehearsal again for a few days. :o)

So, I've been thinking. (A dangerous past time...I know. [name the movie!]) What have I been thinking about you ask? Astrology. I know, odd topic, right? Well..I don't take a TON of stock into horoscopes and astrological sign compatibility, but I do think it is a TON of fun to see what might happen if astrology is real at all. So, here I am sharing a few fun facts with you.

Fact one: sometimes horoscopes just WORK. Ya know? Like my one for the other day:
 Romance and marriage are very much on your mind today, Alishka. A special encounter with a possible love partner could have you hankering toward "living happily ever after." Books on attracting and maintaining relationships might be especially appealing as well as useful. Take care not to put too much stock in detailed analyses, however. Remember that such books are of necessity based on generalities, and you are a unique individual.
Doesn't that just sound lovely? The fun thing is that romance and marriage HAVE been on my mind. In fact, I even dreamed about marriage last night. It was a very odd dream.

Fact two: compatibility tests are fun! After Percy added me as a friend on Facebook, I took the opportunity to look at his birthday and then look up his astrological sign to see how we might be compatible. It just so happens that he is a Virgo while I am a Pisces. One of the best combinations ever. Don't believe me...ask the dishes! (again- name the movie!) or you can read THIS. fabulous no?

and Finally....

Fact three: on the dating site that Percy and I met on there is a compatibility test that you take to see how you match up with others on the dating site. It has a few levels of match ability that narrow in possibility. For example there is Very Good (which is a huge chunk of the scale) followed by High (a smaller chunk), Very High (an even smaller chunk/possibility) and then Extremely High (which is so minuscule it almost doesn't exist.) Most people that I see on this site match me in the Very Good area. I have seen several in the High section, a couple in the Very High, but never a person in the Extremely High area of compatibility. Can you guess which one Percy falls under?  If you guessed Very High, then you would be correct! While this isn't the sole reason why I said hello that very first did play a part in it. So far, that little compatibility test has been spot on. We seem to be REALLY compatible. (that could change, and I do realize that. I don't put all my stock in that little 20 minute test I took)

So there you go. A little insight to the world of compatibility, horoscopes and ME. I find it highly entertaining on a daily basis. :o) What about you? Do you take stock in what the stars say will happen to YOU on any given day?? Does a person's sign make a difference to you? Would you believe a compatibility test if it told you that a certain someone and you were highly compatible? I'm curious!!


tianamarie said...

(making progress.. I can't wait until I'm all caught up and can read about your future fiance!) well... where you said "name that movie" BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. That is all. :)