Wednesday, June 22, 2011

woah. information overload?

Are you ready for an INFORMATION OVERLOAD? good. because there is a TON of stuff that I have to tell you.

First off - THE WEDDING.

It was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved every minute of the day of her wedding. And really, the days leading up to her wedding weren't that stressful, so that was good. Seeing my family was so fabulous. I love my family. I loved having them here in Utah. It was great times. I still can't believe my sister is married, but it is very happy so I'm okay with that.

NEXT: the show.

It was chaos. Like always. My students did fabulous, but the back stage managing was all over the place and insanely crazy busy. I was on my feet basically all day - until I took over calling the show at one point. Seriously, the day was VERY long and I almost died. But then I didn't.

Another THING:

Remember how I was auditioning for AIDA? Well...The audition went fairly well. I know that I wasn't the best singer, but man alive I danced my heart out. My good friend auditioned too which was excited! Well...I got an email an I MADE THE ENSEMBLE!!! I am SUPER DUPER excited about it all. In fact, I have my first rehearsal in just a short while. (Also, my friend who auditioned? She made it too!!!)

A BOY thing -

So....Grizzly Bear is still kind of in the same place.  He texts me...but we've been on like one date. sigh. some boys.

PERCY on the other hand....he is INCREDIBLE.  He called me on Sunday, but we got interrupted by my sister and her husband. I called him back, but he didn't answer. He texted me Monday morning to apologize and see if I was available for lunch - which I totally was! However, I realized that i was wearing the SAME outfit I had worn on our first date! I totally came home and changed (just don't tell him that...). We went out to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant right across the street from where I work. We had the most pleasant time.  Also, we set aside time for our THIRD date. I am excited for our third date. The last time I had one of those well...we all remember the Fryman situation.. Anyways, we communicated via text message late Monday evening and it was suggested that we'll go Canoeing and on a picnic. I am rather STOKED by is suggestion, we'll see if that's what we really do or not. Regardless I really like Percy and I'm very excited to spend more time with him.

BASICALLY, this "summer" (aka the tie when I don't teach ballet) seems to be going EXTREMELY well and it just might be one of my favorite summers yet. I'm not counting any chicks yet, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

Hopefully none of your brains fried with all that info. I hope I didn't forget anything. Any Questions??  ;)


Katria said...

I told this to my bff the other day. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but feel free to count the eggs in the basket!