Tuesday, December 07, 2010

tender mercies

So. I have decided to institute a brand new meme around here. I'm calling it Tender Mercy Tuesdays where in I tell you all about the tender mercies that I have been blessed with in the past week. (or maybe just some of them. but you get the point.) Wonder what I'm talking about when it comes to tender mercies? Read this amazing talk by Elder David A. Bednar - an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

This week's tender mercies:
  1. the hymns in sacrament meeting that we sung were my favorite and the ones closest to my heart.
  2. I found out last night about something a friend has been doing - without knowing why - and it touched me.
  3. My awesome roommate who introduces me to awesome movies.
  4. New friends.
  5. I completed my workout last night. Felt awesome.

What are your tender mercies?

p.s. I'll still sometimes participate in Ten on Tuesday. Not today, but sometimes. :o)

editor's note:
also. I'm bored of doing the links to past years. while it's nice to link to what happened and reminisce...I tend to forget to do it. Sorry. maybe i'll do it more, but I'm not going to guarantee on anything.