Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Virginia!!

Well my dear internet friends, I am in Virginia! I am here with my family freezing my toes off. It is really cold (and there's even a tad bit of snow on the ground!) but I am so happy! I love hanging out with my family.  Before I leave you today, let me list off a few things that have happened:
  • Part of my flight here included me flying American Airlines. Did you know that AA gives you the whole can of whatever you get when it comes to drink time? This made me heart super happy. One whole can of Coke for me!
  • Went and saw Tangled this afternoon. Adorable movie with fun dialog and a cute story.
  • I pulled an all-nighter Tue-Wed. It was fun times. 
  • I know I've promised an update and nyms on boys and that IS coming...maybe I'll make it my Christmas gift to you. I'll work on that.
  • I'm having a wonderful holiday - I hope you do too!!