Thursday, December 02, 2010

thoughts today

  • my running program is treating me so well. I need something similar for weight lifting. After this program ends, (and I start it again at a faster speed to reduce my 5k time) i hope to add strength training to my workout so I can trim down some fat.
  • I really want to dance again. another director and i are hoping to do a "directors" piece this year in the gala. we'll see how that goes down.
  • tonight is my work Christmas party. It should be fun....although they are serving fish and I hate fish. so that sucks. but the party itself should be fun. :o)
  • i'm going dancing tonight. hurrah! i haven't been to Blue Tango in several weeks and I am much looking forward to tonight's dance.
  • I don't work tomorrow, but I don't feel like I have the day off. See...tomorrow my cute company girls are presenting "Clara's Nutcracker" along with a bunch of jazz Christmas pieces at 4 different elementary schools. It should be fun.
  • Three weeks from yesterday I fly to VA. 20 days. CRAZY!!
  • I bought SwingKid's present today. I think he'll like it. I sure hope he will.
  • My parent's gift is going to ROCK! I got some amazing news about it yesterday but seeing as how they both read this we'll keep it a secret. If I remember, I'll tell you about it after Christmas.
  • I decorated for Christmas and my house looks SO CUTE. I love Christmas decorations
  • Have I mentioned how GOOD  I feel lately? I attribute it to my running program. It is doing amazing things for me and I am SO SO SO happy I decided to do this couch to 5k program. :o)
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