Thursday, December 09, 2010

What the What?!

another new meme? why yes. Another meme. This one stemmed from posting the past couple of weeks and me having "thing" posts. So...I've created a cute little banner and today I introduce to you:

a simple meme really. Every Thursday I will post "thursday things" essentially just a few THINGS that I have been thinking about/doing that don't necessarily warrant their own blog post. It should be a fun little meme. Participate if you'd like. Steal my banner, I don't care! Just leave a comment so I can come visit you and your things! :o)

So...onward and upward.

  • I have been feeling fairly happy this week. I've still felt like posting - which is amazing to me in some ways and not surprising in others. Writing and expressing my feelings has always helped.
  • related the above one - I've started writing more diligently in my personal journal and it has been very....healing.
  • I get free lunch today. I'm very excited for this.
  • I leave for VA in 13 days. WOOT!
  • I have started to notice how the running has been helping my body - I'm a trimmer, more slimmed down version of Alishka. I'm excited about this.
  • Also related to the thing above - I am planning on continuing the couch to 5k after i finish next week - but doing it to get faster. At the same time I am also going to implement a strength training workout 2-3x a week. Not sure exactly what that is going to involve yet, but I know it will make feel even BETTER!
what are some of your "things?"