Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Gift to you - Introductions

My dearest Internet friends. I hope this Christmas morning finds you in places you love most with the people you love most.

I love giving presents.  This year, I was most excited for my gift that I gave my parents.  You see, life has not been very easy for them with still having two houses and the such - and I wanted to do something special for them.  So I gathered up my siblings, we all pitched in and purchased a gift certifiacte to the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia. I made my mom tear up (which was totally the goal) and they are excited to use their gift. The greatest thing about it was that when I purchased their gift certificate I entered the drawing for their monthly giveaway....and then I WON! So...My parents got double the amount they would have originally which made it even better. :o) Happy Day.

Now, I have a gift for each of you!!!  Today I am going to introduce you to a new group of characters on my blog and a meme that I would like to call Dating Battle Stories.  Each time I have a fun adventure with dating I will bring up this fun meme.  It won't be a regular weekly thing like my other two memes, but a meme regardless.  Also, each of these Dating Battle Stories will feature a different picture - thanks to my awesome roommate who likes to draw stick figures of me and fun situations with boys.

So...let us begin with the Introductions of the cast of characters from some dating battle stories that I have had as of late. The next couple of weeks will be me playing catch up on the fun times I have had in December and then you can look forward to the occasional Dating Battle Story in the months following as I date and flirt (because I'm really good at doing those things.)

Without further ado....

{artwork by Roommate A}

The Characters:

Sweetums - Named not becuase he looks anything like the muppet....but he does love the Muppets. I know Sweetums from High School. He loves music, pumpkin spice egg nog, and road trips. He's very nice and gives the best hugs. I've crushed on him in times past, but the timing has never quite worked for us.

The Australian - Named because he was born and then lived in (for a few years) Australia. He just got home from his mission in Japan, is Roommate A's boyfriend's friend and is the nicest person ever.

Mad Dog - I've known Mad Dog for years and when I first met him swing dancing that is how he introduced himself. He had a hand in creating Blue Tango (my favorite dancing venue) and has crushed on me for a long time.

Blindman - I haven't met Blindman as of yet. Roommate A is setting me up with this person. All I know about him is that he's "cool" and that he lives with Roommate A's boyfriend.

So there you go. The cast of characters for future Dating Battle Stories. I hope you're looking forward to them. I know I am! Now...I must go and run off that apple pie from last night.