Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Brownie points for SwingKid

So, even though I am SUPER excited about SwingKid and I getting back together, I still have my reservations. (which I think are totally justified btw) We talked on the phone for about 3o minutes on Sunday night and at the end of the conversation SwingKid told me he'd call me "tomorrow" (aka last night). Well...he knew my entire schedule. He knew when I'd be done teaching, that i'd still be in the studio, etc....and I went all day without hearing one little peep come out of my phone from him.  I stayed strong and did everything I could to not text/call him first.

Well, my class got over at 6:15 and I went to work on my homework that I had waiting me, mainly choreographing 2 pieces to teach today. At 6:45 I sort of wondered why I hadn't heard from him yet, and almost called him. Instead, I sat down and wrote a few things down for my classes and the next thing i know my phone is going off. It's SwingKid. This is what went down:

SwingKid: You finished?

Alishka Babushka: :) i am done teaching. Now i'm just getting some stuff done in the stuido before FHE. Do you have plans for FHE?

SwingKid: I do. I'm hoping in vain that i can work tonigght. I'll call later.

Alishka Babushka: :) awesome. I hope you can get a shift in too. I am giving the lesson and I just realized I left it at work. Guess i'll be swinging by there before going home. :P

SwingKid:Dang. well, have fun.

Alishka Babushka: I will :-) you too!

(i think i like smiley faces. :) )

So....waiting for him to text/call first was totally worth it! PLUS he did call tonight and we talked for about half an hour or so. I plan on calling him tomorrow when i'm done teaching. I want to practice giving my presentation to him before I actually present tomorrow morning. This presentation is my final in this class...so it's a bigger deal than my presenation yesterday. Go me! :P


Kristina P. said...

Good luck! I hope that everything works out with you guys.

tiburon said...

Good luck on the presentation!!

I am glad he called :)