Wednesday, December 10, 2008

counting down....

I love countdowns. LOVE THEM!!!!

I have one for when I go to VA to see my wonderful family. We're at 8 days friends. 8 days. I cannot believe that in just about a week, I get to see my family. I am super duper excited.

In 7 days (one week) I will be completely done with my last Fall semester at BYU.

Also! My senior project proposal...the new one...was ACCEPTED! YAY! I really WILL graduate in April!!!

15 days until Christmas...

In 21 days I will be back in Cougartown. Now, this is exciting and sad....sad because then I won't see my family for a long time again, but exciting because SwingKid will be picking me up from the aiport ON New Year's Eve....thus guaranteeing me being able to spend New Year's with my boyfriend for the first time in my life. I rock.

I think that is all of my countdowns for the time being...enjoy your Wednesday!