Wednesday, December 17, 2008


HURRAH for ALISHKA! The semester is over! well...minus my interview at 2:40...but other than that I'm done. And really, I consider myself done. :-) My flight for Virginia leaves in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! GAH! I still need to pack...eek!

an update on senor guapo....he's going to need some belts replaced and a new water pump...which Buddy has to move the timing belt to get to all of that...which equals a lot of labor. We're talking $580 to fix my little car. sigh. I hate fixing cars. Oh must be done!

SwingKid has been marvelous though. He took me to Springville last night to teach and was such a sweetheart. We watched a wonderful movie last night: 84 Charring Cross Road. Such a wonderful movie. I loved it. :-) He and I are exchanging gifts tonight, and I'm really excited to see his face with his presents. :o) sigh. he's awesome.

Now to finish up my last 3 hours of work before my Christmas break begins!


tiburon said...

Congrats!! Glad you get a break :)