Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at my house is full of awesome traditions. We always have our big dinner on Christmas Eve. This is for two reasons, 1) we all just want to munch and mingle all day on Christmas day, and 2) my mom only really cooks one thing Christmas day: Breakfast. Much easier that way. :-)

We also play lots of games, watch football, open a present and read a story (it varies from year to year. Most years it's the Luke 2 story, sometimes it's a new book we got for Christmas. It's always a Christmas-y story.) And don't forget the traditional sibling sleep over! I just realized just now that this very well could be the last time that happens. Cause if I happen to get married in the next year...I don't know if 1) we'd be here for Christmas and 2) if we are, would we really want to sleep in the same room as my siblings? lol...guess we'll see what this next year brings.

Oh! Speaking of Christmas stories, I was talking to SwingKid the other night about our Christmas tree. We have an artificial tree, and had to leave off the bottom layer because otherwise the tree wouldn't have fit in our living room. (we've had this problem before, but with a real tree) Well, telling him about our bottom-less tree (well not really...) made me think of a story I remember reading when I was little. Mr. Willoby's Christmas Tree. It's a really cute story about a man who buys a tree, but it's too tall, so he cuts off the top and the top of the tree keeps getting cut off and passed off from person to animal to animal until a little mouse who lives in Mr. Willowby's house get's the tippy-top which fits perfectly in his little house. It's so cute! I definitely want to have it for my own children!

Christmas Day is usually fairly boring after all the opening of presents happens. Which always seems to happen so early in the morning. No matter how much I try to convince my siblings it should be later...blah.  anywho....i plan on sleeping a lot tomorrow afternoon since on Friday we're going to DC! We will be leaving early in the morning for a full day of sightseeing and what not...but it should be loads of fun. I'll post pictures later. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!!


Giovanni Schwartz said...

We have Christmas breakfast like that. And then for dinner we have Sonic.