Tuesday, November 28, 2006

some craziness of the holidays

whew. what a great past two weeks it has been!
so i had a marvelous time with the fam chillin' it down at thanksgiving, and one of my favorite parts about thanskgiving this year was the part in which we went christmas tree hunting. this was an adventure and a half thanks to the craziness of my family.
so this year we decided to go up the canyon and pick out a tree and cut it down. here is a picture of the tree in the wild:
it would end up being a 12-ft tree... yikes! so after we cut it down we started dragging the tree...
at this point we start to realize just how big the tree is...but we carry on...so we finally got our huge tree in the back of the trailer. here we are driving it home... so many hours later and a bazillion measurements later we realize that the tree is too tall to fit in the living room. so we brought it down to a 10-ft tree, then realizing it was 6-ft wide while our house only has 3-ft wide doors... so we try to stuff it in the house, and then it gets stuck in the door. :D we finally got it in the house and we all start to wonder how it's going to stand and where its going to fit...hmmm...so...the tree ends up being too tall still, took up 3/4 of the living room and bent our tree stand. so we cut off two more feet making it an eight foot tree and bought a new tree stand in the corner. i don't have a picture yet of the final product...but it's a beautiful tree. :D and man...it was an adventure and a half and isn't something any of us will forget anytime soon. :D

since then i have been through a long/short week (it was both...if that makes sesne) and now its friday. I have a date w/a guy from the ward on saturday to world of dance and then on sunday my teddy bear is going to come with me to the first presidency christmas devotional and on thursday my friend JN is going to come with me to my work christmas party, which i am way excited about. :D so life is good, i'm dating other people and i am so much better off w/out my boyfriend. hurrah for life being good!!! :D ciao!