Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a minor meltdown comforted by a short cuddle session

so on monday evening i had a small meltdown. just a whole bunch of little stressful things added up and WHAM! i breakdown and cry. i haven't had a good cry in ages so it felt good, but still it was a breakdown no matter how you look at it. the boyfriend couldn't be much help monday night b/c he was in seattle. BUT he did call me yesterday while i was in rehearsal and i called him when i got done and then went over to his apartment. that was nice. :) we cuddled and i told him my story about my breakdown and he just held me. it felt so good. i think he might be getting to the point in which he wants to kiss me, but i don't know if i'm ready for that. especially this week. so much rehearsing it's crazy. but the show's going to be awesome! don't forget to get your tickets! for friday or saturday evening at 7:30 or saturday afternoon at 2pm. tickets are $5 at the HFAC on campus. Ballet Showcase performance. Be there, or be a square. ciao.


Jacob said...

Just kiss him. Just one little kiss won't hurt. Just don't make out with him or anything like that, 'cause make out is bad. I'm not sure I stand behind any of these words, but, eh, I'm writing them anyway. The worst they can do is stir conflict and unrest among the natives.