Monday, November 13, 2006

the abc's of my weekend

a= amazing show, awesome friends and family that came to see me
b= boyfriend is a sweetheart. :D
c= cougars are ranked in the BCS!!
The Cougars' No. 23 ranking in the AP Poll is the highest ranking in any poll since being ranked 19th in the Dec. 9, 2001 Associated Press poll. This week also marks the first time BYU has been ranked in the Coaches Poll since Sept. 8, 2002—a week before losing to Nevada, 31-28. It is the first time BYU has ever been ranked in the newly created Harris Interactive Poll.
d= danced a lot
e= exceptional food made by my boyfriend.
f= fun!
g= good. it was good to see some people i haven't seen for ages!
h=happy. i was very happy to be done with the show.
and i'm done creating things i did this weekend for each letter. it takes too much thinking. :) so just know that things went well, and i'm excited for thanksgiving!!!