Monday, February 14, 2005

Single's Awareness Day.... YEAH!!!!

You know, I have never had an amazing Valentine's Day, and i am not saying that this one is going to be any different but you never know what is going to happen in love and games.
so quick update on Boy. I went to church and Boy was there, sat next to him in Sunday school, didn't really pay attention, but i tried hard, and that's what counts right?
so then, i took cookies over to Boy's house for v-day (not just for him, but his roomies too) and hung out with them for a while. Well, i have tickets to see Ballet West's Cinderella on Saturday, and asked him to go with me (you have to understand we've been on 2 dates already, and he came to my show 2 weeks ago) and he said sure. so he is coming over at like 4:30, i'm going to feed him dinner, and then we are going to SLC to see Ballet West.
Well as i am getting ready to leave Boy's house i say good-bye and he says, "hey are you hungry?" and i said "Yeah, i was just trying to decide what to cook for dinner since my apt. isn't having apt. dinner tonight" and he says, "Well lets go get some food" so he took me to his house in orem and we ate dinner w/his older brother, mom, dad, and his little brother (who is on a mission)'s girlfriend. it was entertaining, after which we went to my apt. and hung out for a while. which was cool. so we'll see what happens tonight, cause tonight happens to be fhe, and he is my fhe brother. but Boy is doing pretty good, and i think he might like me especially since he took me to family dinner. wow. anywho, happy single's awareness day y'all. :)