Wednesday, February 16, 2005

crazy boy...

you know, just when i think i might have him figured out, he throws me a cruve ball. fhe was good, but not anything out of the ordinary happened. what i did find out from his roommate is that they talked last week, well after they had talked and boy's roommate said that from some of the things that boy said, boy's roommate was surprised to hear that boy took me to family dinner. so then i'm thinking well if he didn't like me or what not during the week and told you that, then why did he take me to family dinner? the only explanation is that he changed his mind and wanted to spend time with me. so last night im studying in my living room thinking whatever, i'll go to ballet w/boy and look stunning in my dress that i am wearing and we'll see what happens, when all of a sudden there is someone at our window knocking on it! totally freaked me out, so that person comes down and knocks on the door, and what do you know, its Boy. craziness. so boy visited for 1/2 an hour, which must mean he was thinking of me, and just wanted to stop by and talk to me. kinda crazy i know. anywho, now i don't know what to read about this boy, but i'll just go with the flow and maybe we'll get a chance to talk about it, but i don't know HOW to go about doing that. :)