Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the amazingness of ballet west...

wow. that is the first word that pops in to my head to describe how awesome saturday was. amazing, awesome, wow, outstanding, all of those words apply. It was oh so good. *sigh* I have never been to ballet west, so this was my first time, and even though i thought my seats were yucky, they actually were half decent. plus they were free, and we can't argue free seats now can we? boy enjoyed ballet. he was worried about the whole men in tights issue, but the danseurs were just sooo good that you could forget that they were wearing tights. :) oh my gosh, the guy who played the prince, and did a single prep that produced an 8 turn around pirouette. it was amazing. i wish i could do 8 turns in one prep.
wow. after the ballet boy took me to the parking lot and taught me how to drive his manual truck. in heels. he said i was a quick learner, and it was lots of fun. so now i can drive stick. sort of. i need more practice. :)
boy didn't come to fhe last night, but then that would be because he was doing his calling and informing fhe group leaders of the fact that they need pictures of ward members when we were little and one of us now. its for a slideshow they are having during the activity on saturday. lots of fun. i have cute ones for him, the one of me when i was little is one of me in this cute dress in front of some marigolds, and the other is one i had taken in september. :) all in all saturday was a good day.
we had fun, oh my gosh i almost forgot to mention what boy did. holy cow. so i told him that it was a suit and tie affair right? and he asked if he could wear a nice shirt and tie and i said yes. so he shows up on saturday in break away (the snappy pants) pants and a hoodie, and red hair. (he has dark hair...) the hair i was okay with, it didn't look bad, but the outfit, oh my goodness. i was wearing a black velvet dress and heels and had a nice updo, and so i was like what is this guy thinking??
so i tell him, 'you're going to change right?'
he said ' oh i think im fine and dressed for the ballet...'

oh my gosh i gave him the evil eye all during dinner, when finally the brownies came out of the oven and i came up with a bribe.
i told him, ' you go and change and you can have a brownie when you get back'
he says, 'if i change faster do i get brownies faster?'

and i said 'that's the whole point to this.'
so then he proceeds to get out of his chair and starts stripping ,takes off his hoodie and rips off the pants, and what do i see? a nice black button down shirt w/silver tie and slacks. he looked way nice, but man he had me worried. he asked if the hair was okay and i said yes. but it was so funny. he really got me.
but anywho, i'm going to give him until the end of the semester and if he doesn't make any other moves then i'll talk to him, if i still like boy, and then go from there. but i don't think he wants a girlfriend, he just likes the attention. at least that is what i think. but we'll see. who knows. only he knows, and he isn't talking. meh.