Friday, February 18, 2005

it's finally the weekend...well almost.

You know, i am very excited for this weekend to come upon me. I am almost done here at work, and then i don't work again until tuesday due to president's day. i am so grateful for a day in which we celebrate the frist president's birth. yeah for no school, but that only means i'll spend the day studying instead. but i'll get to sleep in. ;)
after classes today i get to go home and do some studying while i eat and then i get to relax! YAY!! tomorrow is going to be a busy day however. i have to go teach ballet, go to the MOA and do my stupid humanities assignment, then come home shower, get ready, cook dinner, and then voila, my date with boy begins. i was at boy's house yesterday studying with his roommate and another girl in our ward for our history exam on tuesday, and he came home and i saw him, and we talked a little bit. *sigh* i hope tomorrow goes well.
I've had a lot of compliments today due to the fact that i look very 'professional' today. I got a new suit jacket and decided to wear it today, and i look hot, if i do say so myself. :) well i best be off, the day is just beginning, and i have lots to do, i relish the time when i can sink into my bed and go to sleep. :) ciao