Friday, March 11, 2005

birthdays and tests, the good and the bad.

so this has been interesting this week. so on Sunday night one of my friends (Jacob) brought me cupcakes and sang to me, which was really sweet of him. then on my birthday my family called before I left for school, and actually my dad had the van that day so he came and got me and took me to work so I wouldn't have to walk. it was festive! so then I opened my
presents that morning, and I got a new shirt, some money, some dancing stamps, (for scrap booking), my roommate Monica gave me a gift card to Blockbuster that includes 2 movies, 2 drinks, and a tub of popcorn, and my other roommate made me a cake which we ate at FHE. I also got new scriptures, but they didn't come ON my birthday, but they did come in the mail yesterday. I am very excited. My ballet class sang to me, and then my friend Michael sang to me in History (before class, he brought a hostess cupcake and a candle and lit it and everything, it was cute!) so then at FHE everyone sang to me, and we ate the cake that my roommate made for me which was fun. It was a good day, and lots of ppl. told me happy birthday. I loved it. after FHE though I had to study for a test, which I took Tuesday, and I think I did all right. That night I started studying more for my humanities test, which makes me mad (I took it last night) because I studied SO hard for this test, and got the same score as last time. Kind of makes me mad, I think I might go and talk to the professor and try to figure out how to do better on the final. yuk. so now I hope my weekend is happier then yesterday, I think it will be. at least I hope it will be. last weekend I watched little mermaid with boy. that was fun and enjoyable. I think boy and I are just going to be friends, but I’m okay with that. at least for now I am. Anywho until next time, c-ya.