Monday, October 17, 2005

So i really didn't need those 3.5 hours of sleep....

Yeah right....I really did. But I didn't get them. I was going to go to bed at 10. But then I ended up staying up until 1:30 in the morning. Why you might ask??? Let me tell you why, but let us start with Friday...and my date with my frenchie friend....

Date Friday Night:

Okay, so frenchie comes and picks me up Friday night, and he looks good! We go to the spectacular, and he comments on how grown up I am. Ha ha ha....and we sit in our seats. They were in Outer Mongolia, but they were good seats. Kinda. Not really. But it was all good. So the spectacular was amazing, and I really liked it. He then took me out to ice cream and then we went to my apt. where I filled him in on what happened while he was gone, and then we watched a movie entitled, the Freshman with Matthew Broderick. It was good. I enjoyed it a lot. Then he went home and I got to bed at like 1:30 in the morning....yuck yuck yuck.


So Saturday...My friend's wedding. I actually woke up to my alarm, made muffins for me and my roommates, and then got to the dance studio early and worked on my student choreography pas de deux that I am doing in February. It was good stuff. Class was wicked fun, and I had a blast. :) Then I went home and got ready for this wedding that I was a bridesmaid for. My skirt that my mom made was AWESOME!!! I love it, and will definitely wear it again! :) So I am at this wedding and I go to Chile’s for dinner, and things are good. So I get to the place where the wedding is at....and its valet parking only. That was entertaining. S. and I go and get ready in the bathroom, then we go outside, and it was beautiful out there with all the candles, and it was a beautiful night. I loved it. So then The Bride throws the bouquet, and I caught it. So now I have this beautiful arrangement of red roses and white star gazer lilies on my table, absolutely gorgeous. I get home from the wedding and go to bed after the BYU game (which we won!!!! HURRAY!!!!) At about 11:30.


I wake up an hour later then I intended, and missed choir, oh well. So then I go to my friend's farewell and Elder D is going to be amazing. I am so excited for him. He is off to the Rome Italy mission, hurray! And I saw old friends from high school and we did some reminiscing and life was good. Then I went home and saw the fam. Mom made stew for dinner, and that was a yummy treat, and I made dessert and then went back up to Provo to go visiting teaching. I love VT, it was fun and I enjoyed visiting with this sister. After that I get home and guess who is there? General Conference boy: J.A. I was shocked!!!

So let me give a back story on J.A. that my roommie Truit told me later that night. My calling is Aesthetics chair person in Relief Society. So I bring the table cloth and centerpiece every week, well since I was going to be gone I asked Truit to take it for me. So she did, well J.A. noticed that she was carrying them instead of me, and asked isn't Alishka here today? And Truit said no, she's at home at a farewell, she'll be home later tonight. and J.A. says, well I missed sitting next to you guys and her saving me a seat in church (I had saved him a seat last week, but that has been the only time!!) so that was neat-o to hear. So then Truit said, well I haven't seen you in a while you need to come visit us. So he does. And when I get home J.A. was still there. Totally made my night!!!

So then I am sitting next to him on the couch and I decide to scratch his back, we end up sitting RIGHT next to each other. And life was good. He leaned into me, and I was kinda holding him, which I was totally okay with. :) Well then we play this game called WHAT IF??? and its where you write a what if question and then put it in the center, then you draw one that you didn't write, and isn't about you, and then you answer that question, and then you swap questions and read off the question and the person next to you reads there answer. So we get going, and things are going good. Well, at one point everyone decides to pick on J.A. so there are 3 questions, one about what if J.A. asked me out?, and then 2 that were like this: What if J.A. tried Alishka's lip gloss? Well....we ended on that note, and it was kind a funny. Twin roommate went to bed, and at this point it is about 11:45. We talk, and then Truit's BF starts tickling her and J.A. joins in, I try to hold them back, but neither of them are ticklish so that didn't work ,then they started on me, and J.A. held me down while Truit's BF tickled me. Then the pumpkin hour was at hand and they had to leave we gave hugs (and Truit gave kisses) and J.A. said good night and was really was entertaining.

So now I don't know where we stand, I think he got the hint that he needs to ask me out, but I’m not sure. So we'll just have to see. If not, my roommate B and I might do a double date and carve pumpkins and I think I would ask him, but I really want him to ask me out. :) That would be good.

Okay I have ignored work for too long, I am back to work...if I can just stop thinking about him.......yeah right. :)