Thursday, October 20, 2005

sleep is overrated, especially when it comes to boys...

So yeah, yet another late night. i really didn't mean it this time, i was watching gillmore girls with a friend, and in walks J.A. ha ha ha..... i really didn't think he would come over, and i didn't call him, but he did. and so we hung out, and then he had to go and help someone with excel...when he was giving me a hug good-bye i whispered in his ear, thanks for coming over. and then i told him that if he didn't take long helping out this friend with excel that he could always come back over. so then i resigned myself to 50+ pages of anatomy reading....and in walks J.A.!!! :) So he stayed until pumpkin hour, and it was fun, and he's cute, and he knows i am going home today cause the parents are out of town and i get to babysit...but he also knows that i am completely free on saturday night. :) so maybe he'll ask me out. maybe.....but i think he is getting the hints, things are moving, even if they are slowly...but i am excited! :) so that is the update on me, i am not getting sleep, but i am getting somewhere with boy! :D back to work i go!


Kay Richardson said...

Tip: Wear a Tee Shirt with ASK ME OUT written upon it. The man will then ask you out.

It's worked for me all the time.