Friday, October 14, 2005

Bonjour le vieil ami !

or hello old friend!!! so i had this missionary friend, frenchie we'll call him, and he was in my french class when i was a sophie and him a sneior. he then graduated and went to byu while i stayed and continued my public education. we emailed back and forth and life was good. then like all good 19 yr. old males he left on his 2 year hiatus to the west indies french speaking. we wrote back and forth, except for like the last 6 months when he stopped. well, i came to byu for a year, and then he got back just this past july. he called me the first weekend of august when i happened to be at home and not in provo. we talked and that was it. i emailed him, but he never emailed me back. so when i thought of him the other day, i decided to drop him another email, and he called me at my apt. on tuesday. that was random, but cool. it was a short and sweet conversation, followed by him asking me out. lol. so tonight my friends and fellow bloggers, i have a date. a date with someone who i have not seen in 2 years. with someone who has always been a good friend, but i have never been out with once. and boy am i excited. he's taking me to the homecoming spectacular, and woohoo!!! will that be fun. so that is the joys of my life right now, and now it is probably time to get back to work... yeah right.