Friday, October 28, 2005


la bah bah ugh. its friday, and a pay day friday, but its raining, i have a test on monday/tuesday, and i have 3,000+ flyers to fold. and its not just flimsy paper so that you cand do like 5 at a time, its hard cardstock type stuff. and i haven't herad from ja boy since sun, even though i called him last night for a ride home, jc came and got me instead. frenchie (who funny thing is, his name starts with j too....) asked me out. he called me last night, and i am going to a hindu festival w/him, and then a coworker's halloween party. that will be fun. i think. we'll see. frenchie is a fun kid but i don't know if i like him like that. well, back to folding. see ya.