Friday, October 21, 2005

home sweet home

i love home. it is always nice to go home to a house with normal house things, and not just apartment style living. hung out with sis1 last night. she is silly, we watched a couple of different things last night, and then both went to bed, although she got into bed way before i did, well at least an hour before. and i did get to bed, earlier than i have been, but still later than i wished.

woke up ON TIME this morning, and actually got to do my hair. ballet we had midterms and today we get to watch the video of the midterms, so its exciting cause i don't have to dress for ballet today, so my hair can be down. which is a rare occasion. so hurray for that! :D

i am taking the siblings to see Valiant tonight in the dollar theater. i don't know if its going to be any good, or if it will just be cheesy, but it will be fun to treat the kids to a movie. my parents are having a blast in colorado, or so i am told, and they went and visited G&G in New Mexico...which i think is cool. Life is just good right now, I am loving every minute of it. :D

I have noticed a trend in my blogging. It always (well not always...but usually...) happens in the 9 o'clock hour, i think that this just must be the down hour at work. not always, but sometimes. It's Friday, 3/4 of the full time employees are traveling at different conferences and such, and so things are just quiet! but i love it. its been a good week. i must go type up something for a class, so i will leave you with this thought: If he had a mind, there was something on it. P.G. Wodehouse