Monday, October 10, 2005

"Laughter is the best medicine." (Enlish Proverb)

I LOVE TO LAUGH!!! A ha ha ha ha! (Mary poppins moment....)

anyway, moving on. so cute boy in dance class, lets call him dance boy, well i asked to him to be my testing partner for foxtrot today. i knew that he was already dancing with someone else, and i thought he had asked them to be his partner, unbeknowest to me, they had actually asked him!!! He (again unbeknowest unto me until right before class) wanted me to be his test partner!! It was great! I really like him, he is on the byu diving team, and is super cute. when i wear heels, he is just barely taller than me, which is perfect. :) so yeah, we had exchanged numbers in case we needed to practice last week, i never called him, but still, he has my number! so maybe.....sometime he will me. :) cause that would be pretty swell. that is all. i am done. moving on. time to study. see ya.