Saturday, October 29, 2005

date night...

so i had a date tonight. with frenchie friend. lol. that sounds funny. anyways, he took me to the hindu festival of lights in spanish fork, it was interesting ,and supposedly we ate indian food, but he said it wasn't authentic stuff. so yeah. then we went to a dance party put on by one of my friends, and then we went to the wilk halloween party. that was fun. i am pooped though. i went to the football game (2nd half) instead of doing my homework, that was no good, well it was. it was lots of fun, but i didn't do any studying for my music test that is on monday. so i am doing that now. ugh. stupid class. i need to do better on this test, but i don't know if i will. we'll see i guess! i still like ja alot. i think i will save him a seat in sacrament meeting tomorrow afternoon, but we'll see if anything else happens. i need to get pics from conf. still as well. anywho....that is all.


Anonymous said...

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