Friday, September 30, 2005

i am happy...

for many reasons. i thought i would dread today, but now all of a sudden i don't dread today. my computer has been fixed, and that makes me happy. it now can play the music listening assignments from blackboard, which is good. i have test in so said music class, that i was stressing about all week, and all of a sudden i feel a sense of calmness, and i am no longer worried about said music test.

it's a friday, that definitely goes on the what makes me happy today list.

plus it's a PAYDAY friday, which makes friday 10x better.

so then, i think what tops the list today is the fact that i am working in my fishbowl of an office watching students walk on by, when all of a sudden i see Syrup an old friend from highschool. i took syrup to sweethearts my junior year, his senior, and he was in one of my classes. we were friends, and then he left on his mission, leaving a gf who i swore was waiting for him. she got married this summer, so i am told. i see him walk by, and i got outmy office door and yell "hey syrup!!" i and he turned around, looked at me, and then he had this weird look on his face, and then he's all (my real name here)! i didn't recognize you! you're all grown up! it was GREAT!!!! and it made me happy to know that i really have changed, even though part of me doesn't think so, i know i have. so then we talked for like 15 minutes about random things, my life, his life, dance, school, and then said we should get together, he asked me what i was doing for conf. i said nothing much, and he said the same for him, and it was just good to see him! totally made my day, and now i am REALLY calm about my test.

and another thing adding to the list of things of why i am happy today.... i just got to pop package bubbles. he he he

this day is just going to be great i can i am happy. :)


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