Friday, September 23, 2005

world of dance

WORLD OF DANCE TOMORROW!!!!! w/ J. He he he, i am excited but, he told me last night when i called w/details, he just started dating this girl from our ward, she's okay w/him going, and i'm okay w/going w/someone who is dating someone, but it is still kinda sad that he is dating someone else. but you know what? its okay. I told god last night that my dating life is in his hands, i'm going to focus on school, and dancing. if boys come they come, if they don't, i am not going to fret about it. i don't have time for a boyfriend anyways...can you see me w/a boyfriend? i think not.

so i will have fun, we will go and support our folk friend Q. (who i kinda like....) and yeah. it will be fun. :D


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