Wednesday, September 14, 2005

school schmool

wow. already the 3rd week of school. what am i doing with my self? well...I am staying up too late, either with boys, or with my friendly anatomy book that doesn't know how to cuddle. and i'm dancing like crazy. i got new pointe shoes which makes me really happy. guess what else makes me happy? i asked J.O. ( i really need a new name for him...) to go to world of dance with me, in spanish! and he said yes!!!! :D so we are going on sept. 24th at 8pm, oh, and i bought my tickets a couple of days ago, and guess what?? eighth row back, center! sweet lovin' we have good seats! hoorah!
what else is new in my life.....oh saga of sagas, and books and books. and i'm done.