Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Review

Well folks, here it is. The end of another year. Crazy how fast times fly is it not? SO much has happened this year, so I have decided to do a little flashback/review of the year. Here goes!

January 2007

January was a new beginning for me. I had an awesome school schedule, I got to go country dancing. Overall, I was very happy with my life at that point in time. Things were good.

February 2007

February was an exciting month. My sister turned 16, I got asked out on a date. And then got extremely frustrated with that boy. My February ended with me going to my former studio's performance and trying to figure out my life.

March 2007

March was an awesome month for me. I turned 21, had a performance, and welcomed spring with all my heart. Other than that, march wasn't all that exciting...but I did turn 21. Yay me.

April 2007

I began the month of April watching General Conference. I remember that conference like it was yesterday. It was very good and I enjoyed it muchly. Following that i suddenly became very thought-provoked and was really taking a hard look at my life. I finished my Junior year and moved for the first time since moving out of my house in 2004. At the end of the month I had a crazy dating weekend, and felt very lost. April was a psycho crazy month.

May 2007

May was pretty exciting. I started to settle into my new place and tried to get into the ward. I bought a fish, (who is still alive btw) bought a new compy (i love dominic) and went to they eye doctor. Oh...and I got a summer fling.

June 2007

well...June was pretty much the middle of the summer for me. I made a lot of self-discoveries and some weird kids thought I was my brother's girlfriend. Oh and I went country dancing, again.

July 2007

July was an incredible month. Highlights include: breaking up with a boy, having a mid-week crisis, having amazing FHE brothers who helped fix things, realizing for the zillionth time that boys are stupid, and I decided that I was in love with paper clips. It was a crazy month.

August 2007

I started off August right by having to go the Student Health Center's Emergency Care unit for my finger. I finished summer term with a bang, got a date (because I rock) oh and I watched the meteor shower. Oh yeah...started packing so I could move (and remembered that I HATE moving?) Went home...and realized how much Heavenly Father loves me through my dad. Then a MIRACLE happened...along with getting a plethora of dates. ;) Oh and I made this...which made my life go like this... and that's pretty much how August went down. It was a busy, busy month.

September 2007

Let's see...September was sort of eventful. I was dating SS Prez. And then shortly after that I stopped dating him. However, he was good for me, and really helped boost my self-esteem. After that era ended, I decided to be spontaneous and crazy. Which actually ended up being a good thing, since he's now my boyfriend. [sigh] After all that went down, September ended up being somewhat disappointing, but I got over it eventually.

October 2007

October started out with the best General Conference I have ever had. seriously. Then I fell in love with this, followed by watching a great football game in the snow. Halloween was sort of uneventful...although around that time i did become "official" according to facebook...gotta love facebook.

November 2007

November started off with the real reason why I dance, followed by my show, which I did breakdown for, and got shingles. Other than that and Thanksgiving, November was fairly uneventful.

December 2007

It all started with the presidential campaign speech of the year: Faith in America. Then I experienced the weirdest feeling in the world, honestly it was freaky. As the weather tends to do in Utah during the winter, we got lots of snow and even more snow. Don't forget that finals finally ended, and oh yeah...I had a sad day. However, Christmas came and went and it was fantastic.

This year has been a great one. It's gone by so fast, yet holds so many milestones for me. I became an adult, started my fourth year of college, realized who I am, what I need, and where I can go with my life. So 2008...what kind of changes do you hold for me? I can only imagine....