Sunday, June 10, 2007

something i discovered today

i discovered how much i really absolutely and truly love this gospel. HOW TRUE IT IS! i can not stress that fact enough. This is the true church. and i know that with all my heart. all of it, not part of it, or even just a little bit of it, but all of it. This realization came to me as I was reading the conference issue of the Ensign. This is a great issue, and I love reading it. While I was reading it I had the sudden desire for it to be conference time again. I love that time of year where I sit at home, or even better in the conference center for 8 hours of conference goodness. i just love hearing from the general authorities and the great globs of information that they have for me, loads of inspiration from the Lord. It's such GREAT stuff!!! I love also that by being a young single adult there are monthly firesides where a different general authority speaks specifically to my age group each month September-May. too bad it's now June and i have to wait 3 months for that kind of guidance, but at the same time, this is a great time to just sit and reflect on the words that have been said, and double check myself and see if i'm following the counsel given to me. so there you go. my random thoughts of the evening. good night!!