Saturday, June 09, 2007


so i went to a birthday party up the canyon tonight. it was a lot of fun, but there was one downside...there was a bonfire. now actually, i love bonfires. I think they are fun. and fire is so- mesmerizing. BUT...when you get home you smell like campfire smoke. which is a fun smell while you are up the canyon at the fire...then it's good. but after one gets home? not so much. i took a shower immediately and also started my laundry. after my shower i swore that my room still smelled like campfire smoke so i sprayed the room down with febreze. and yet my nose still thinks it smells like campfire smoke. it must be some strange pyschological issue. huh. overall though, i had a blast hanging out by the campfire. maybe it was the company? lol. so yeah. right now i'm doing laundry, then i'll do my scripture study and such and then it will be off to bed. i've had a fairly early weekend this weekend, but that's a good thing. g'night!