Tuesday, June 05, 2007

us silly mormons

so sometimes we have really funny stories about things that happen in sacrament meeting. well, through another blog that i read, i was directed to this blog: http://www.mormonmommywars.com/?p=659
while the story that is featured is hilarious, the comments were also great. my all-time favorite has to be this one please enjoy for your tuesday laughter of the day.

"in testimony meeting in my ward in frenchtown montana about 15 years ago, a lady got up to bear her testimony. she started off with the typical stuff, but then it got really emotional about how bad her life had been lately and how much she’d been struggling. then she said that she had fallen walking down the stairs to her car, and turned and showed everyone the mud on the back of her dress. then she said something to the effect of “and as i was driving to church this morning, i ran over this little critter.” and she pulled a live, but badly maimed, squirrel from her pocket. she gently stroked it as she finished bearing her testimony. then she put the little critter back in her sweater pocket, and went back to the pew and sat down like it was the most normal thing in the world to have a squirrel with its guts hanging out just sitting there writhing in your pocket."

my second favorite has to be this one:
"In another area, a kid that had just been baptized walked to the top stair of the font, turned around, let out a huge Tarzan yell, and did a near perfect swan dive back into the font."