Sunday, June 17, 2007

home, home on the range

i love coming home, as long as i don't have to do it all the time, i greatly enjoy spending time with my family. yesterday, after my 7 peaks trip got canceled, my mom decided to come up to provo and we went to the mall to play. bath and body works is having their huge annual sale, and this is when i stock up on all my lotions from there. SO we went to the mall and played and then we came home and then my little bro and i went swimming. He's getting so tall (he's taller than me!) and he's only 14, but i guess he looks older to other people, or i look younger, or a combination of both, because people thought that i was his GIRLFRIEND! seriously! when we told this person who asked that we were brother and sister, they didn't believe us. It was kind of funny, and kind of sick at the same time. I mean really, he's 14.5 and I'm 21. That's just wrong. sigh, oh well...maybe when i'm 40 i'll look 30, and i'll be okay with that. :P

so anywho, today is father's day, and let me just say that I LOVE MY DAD! he's pretty much my hero, and one of the most amazing men in my life. he's great. so i'm excited to be home and spend time with my family. :D huzzah!