Sunday, June 03, 2007

how old were u when u first

How old were u when u first?
(Can I just say that I hate the whole u instead of you thing?)

I'm always up for these things!

No Liars Allowed!!!

1. Fell in love - well...the first time i thought i was in love i was 19. Come to find out, I really wasn't in love, and I don't think i have fallen in love again yet...

2. Lost someone close to you - a couple of weeks marriage. lol

3. Got drunk - Never

4. smoked weed - Never

5. Got kissed- 18

6. Went to the hospital for surgery - never

7. Got your heart broken badly - 19

8. Lost a pet - well, I just barely got my first pet, but when I was 19 the family lost our pet cat.

9. Got arrested – Never.

10. Smoked a Cigarette - Never

11. Broken a bone - Never

12. Went to a concert - well, I went to ballet concerts when I was little, but I've never been to a rock type concert, or current artist concert...

13. Got your own cell phone - 19

14. Had 1st boy/girl friend – 18

15. Got a facebook account - 18

16. Got your first ticket - never

17. Got your first job - 14

18. Pierced other than your ears –Never

19. First Tattoo - never

20. How old are you now- 21