Saturday, September 22, 2007

soaked but content

wow. I know I hardly gave you guys anything yesterday about what happened, but I'm sorry, my bed was more important. :) But I'm here now ignoring my Econ reading that I should be doing.

So let's start off with the back story leading up to the adventures of last night.

I have been reading the blog of CPM for a while and I've enjoyed his thoughts and adventures in life. Well, yesterday he posted a blog entry about his plight in searching for a date for a dinner and dance for Homecoming weekend. Well, deciding to be brave I posted a comment on his blog letting him know I was interested. I followed that up with an email and a filled out dating application for his convenience. He responded to my email twice while I was in ballet class and the training room and I got both emails when I got home at 3:45 that afternoon. He told me his real name (which, like him, I quickly facebooked. ;) ) I took a quick look in my closet analyzing what I could wear to a semi-formal dance at BYU. It was a toss up between the blue sparkly skirt and the red saucy, sparkly skirt, but I went with the red. :) I topped with a flattering black top borrowed from my roommate and did my hair up in a curly do that took me about 20 minutes to do and sealed the look with a red rose. I felt pretty darn cute (and I guess I succeeded according to my date. ;) ) CPM showed up at my door promptly at 5:45 looking fine in a burnt orange shirt with a brown-and blue striped tie and tan suit. Really...he looked way good.

We went to an Alumni dinner for his college that he graduated from. Dinner was excellent and also fun. We had time to kill in between the dinner and the dance so we went to the HFAC and looked at the Senior exhibits that were up. We also went to the MOA and walked through the Cliche and Collusion exhibit which is about the media and how it effects our lives. (is it effects or affects? I can never remember....) anyways we then went to the dance. CPM had bought tickets for the Big Band dance in the wilk, so it was a live Swing band, which was a blast. CPM didn't' know how to dance, but I taught him the basics for the triple swing and the foxtrot, and I daresay he learned very quickly, and very well. :) We had a blast dancing. I love big band music. It's so much fun to dance to and what not. I saw a few friends there, which was fun to run into people I knew. CPM introduced me to Krishna, another board writer, and I felt privileged to meet all these board writers. It somehow makes the writers seem more real to me. I love it.

All in all, I think it was the best blind date I have ever been on. It was a blast and I'm excited to have a new friend to do things with. So there you go. My crazy adventure. :) Rock on. :)


Marisa VanSkiver said...

Affect is the verb, effect the noun.

- Love your friend neighborhood English major.

Oh yea, and amazing courage on emailing him!