Wednesday, September 12, 2007


so i have a confession to make. i stayed up late last night. now, that isn't the confession taht I wanted to make...the confession is that I stayed up because I was watching this movie. I know, I know. It was stupid of me. What's even more stupid is that a) I didn't even finish the movie, b) I knew exactly what was going to happen before it did, so why did I watch it in the first place? and c) (and this is an even crazier confession) the main man who is quite attractive, but he made me think of my man: SS Prez. Now they don't look extremely alike, in fact the big and obvious difference is that "Ray" (the main man) is black, and my man is definitely white. lol. my roommate E thinks I'm crazy that Ray made me think of SS Prez. Maybe it's b/c they're both bald, that they're both super sweet and smooth, or maybe its because it was a chick flick and I just wanted to be held by SS Prez. sigh. too bad he has an almost crazier schedule than me! sigh. I'll survive.

and there you go. my confession for the week.